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Reactor equipment

At the present time our company began to design and in the nearest future will be ready to offer for our customers the following types of reactors:

  • Dry current limiting reactors of standard ТРОС (TROS) and РТСТ (RTST) types
  • Dry smoothing reactors of standard СРОС (SROS) and СРОСЗ (SROSZ) types
  • Dry filter reactors of ФРОС (FROS) type
  • Dry reactors of small capacity for auxiliary circuits of rolling stock

Smoothing reactors are output filters connected directly to outputs of controlled rectifiers. A smoothing reactor is a static electromagnetic device intended for using its inductance in an electric circuit to reduce the higher harmonics content (pulsations) in the rectified current.

Designation of smoothing reactors types contains the following data: C (or Ф, or T) – intended use of the reactor (C - smoothing, Ф – filtering, T - current limiting); P – the product name (reactor); O - number of phases (single-phase), C (or СЗ) - designation of the cooling type (C - natural air with an open design version, СЗ - natural air with a protected version); after a dash the typical capacity in kilovolt-amperes is provided, after a slash sign the voltage class in kV is provided (for reactors of ФРОС (FROS) series only); У4 (УХЛ4) – the climatic version and the placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

Smoothing reactors which are used in electric drives are made with steel core (of ФРОС (FROS), СРОС (SROS), СРОСЗ (SROSZ) series) and without it (ТРОС (TROS)).

Reactors with steel core can be single-bar (of ФРОС (FROS) and СРОСЗ (SROSZ) series) and double-bar (of СРОС (SROS) series). Formerly the double-bar reactors were used which design is a winding on a П-shaped steel core. At the present time for complete thyristor electric drives the single-bar reactors of ФРОС (FROS) series with standard capacity up to 1000 kVA and of СРОСЗ (SROSZ) series with standard capacity up to 6300 kVA are used. The reactor windings are made of aluminium as well as of copper winding material with insulation of F class according to GOST 8865-70. The reactors are available in open as well as in protected construction.

Dry current limiting reactors are recommended for use at facilities of OJSC “Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System of Russia” и OJSC “Interregional Distribution Grid Company Holding”, and others. The main consumers of current limiting reactors are generation plants: thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, state district power plants, photo power plants, wind power stations, distribution substations, electric networks, large industrial enterprises, power-consuming infrastructure objects. Many of these enterprises obtain dry reactors to replace concrete analogous units which are obsolete and no longer meet modern requirements.

Dry current limiting reactors with natural air cooling which are intended for operation in power systems with voltage from 3 to 20 kV to limit short circuit currents in electric networks and to support the voltage level in electric installations at the moment of short circuit:

  • For currents from 50 to 10,000 А;
  • It is possible to make a non-standard reactor version, and also with the angle between outlets different from 0°, 90°, 180°;
  • It is possible to arrange reactor phases in vertical, horizontal, stepped (angular) positions;
  • Climatic versions У (moderate climate), УХЛ (moderately cold climate), ХЛ (cold climate)
  • Placement categories 1, 2, 3, 4.

Designing innovations allow significantly reduce weight and dimensions of the reactors in comparison with concrete analogs and other types of current-limiting reactors in a dry design. Universal implementation of the outputs allows providing any angle of connection.

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