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Mobile complete transformer substations on chassis ПКТПН (PKTPN)

Mobile complete transformer substations of outdoor installation with capacity from 25 kVA to 2500 kVA and voltage of up to 10 kV of terminal type are designed for receiving, conversion, and distribution of three-phase AC power with frequency of 50 Hz, rated voltage of 6(10)/0.4 kV in temporary power supply networks of industrial enterprises and both rural and urban areas.

The PKTPN are used for power supply with three-phase AC of electric load consumers in coal, ore and other mines (quarries), carrying out minerals extraction by open method. These substations also are used to supply underground consumers in mines through the pits and mine wells of construction sites and other facilities.

The transformer for a PKTPN. Mobile complete transformer substations are completed with dry power transformers with cast insulation of ТЛС (TLS) series with capacity from 25 kVA to 2500 kVA.

The PKTPN chassis. As for the PKTPN chassis the trailer chassis of models 8469.20 is used.

The PKTPN is made according to the questionnaire compiled for each customer individually, with detailed study of both main and additional equipment taking into account all wishes of the customer.

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