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Electrotechnical block-boxes of Proekteleсtroteсhnika

Electrotechnical block-boxes of power supply, control, and protection systems of stations and substantions are designed for placement of electrotechnical equipment of various purposes, including:

  • Complete switchgears and closed switchgears of 6/10 kV voltage
  • Chambers assembled of unilateral maintenance of 6/10 kV voltage
  • Soft starters and frequency converters of 0.4/6/10 kV voltage
  • Low voltage switchgears
  • Cabinets and panels of relay protection and automation, telemechanics and communication
  • Dry power distribution transformers with capacity of up to 3150 kVA and of up to 35 kV voltages and converting transformers with capacity of up to 3200 kVA and of up to 10 kV voltages
  • Batteries and compressors
  • Household facilities, and others.

Block-boxes of Proekteleсtroteсhnika may have different dimensional versions and internal layout of compartments. The doors can be positioned in front part of the module as well as in its end part.

The block-box layout is made according to the customer's specifications.

The block-box design has a frame-panel solution. The wall panels are assembled in a rigid framework.

There is possible a version of a block-box of Proekteleсtroteсhnika as terminal, double-ended, with additional thermal insulation, and with a removable roof. The high-voltage input is implemented as cable or overhead. The block boxes can be equipped with additional equipment and systems of heating, ventilation, lighting, fire and security alarm.

The modification and the version are determined by the customer when completing the questionnaire.

A color scheme of the block-box facade is implemented in corporate colors of the customer but the painting can be made in any color.

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