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Products of Proekteleсtroteсhnika

Application of transformers

gkx in the housing sector for power supply of houses, hospitals, shopping centers, commercial buildings, and water supply facilities neft in oil, gas and coal industries to provide extraction, transfer and processing of products
gidrost in power generation and electrical networks: nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, state district power plants, combined heat and power plants prompr at industrial enterprises of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and iron and steel industry
transport at sea and river transport transport for power supply of railway and urban electric transport
transport in wind power generation transport in solar power generation

The main advantages of transformers

  • Environmental cleanliness (no coolant)
  • Minimal risk of fire due to the exclusive use of flame retardant and self-extinguishing insulating materials
  • High mechanical strength
  • High resistance to short-term overload
  • Unlimited possibilities for installation (small overall dimensions also provide creation of compact substations and can be used for upgrading substations with increase of their capacity)
  • Low operating costs
  • No need for maintenance
  • High level of readiness (moisture-proof insulation of transformer windings eliminates the drying process before commissioning)
  • Reduced noise level
  • Seismic resistance and shock resistance
  • Varying degrees of protection from IP 00 to IP 54
  • High reliability (use of modern technologies in the manufacturing process makes the product with a high level of reliability)

Process and manufacturing engineering

The transformer of ТЛС (TLS) series is a three-phase transformer of dry type with insulation made of epoxy resin with fillers.

The transformer corresponds to GOST 11677-85.

Magnetic core

It is made of sheets of silicon-containing grain-oriented steel, insulated with mineral oxides. Methods of assembly and crimping the assembled magnetic core allow reducing the core loss, the magnetizing current, and the noise level.

Low voltage winding

It is made of aluminum tape. The winding layers are insulated using a material of F class which guarantees a high resistance to harsh industrial environments as well as the exceptional dielectric strength.

High voltage winding

It is made of insulated aluminum wire (foil). The winding is poured with an insulation of F class. The insulation consists of epoxy resin with inert and flame retardant fillers. The processes of mixing and casting are carried out in vacuum. The windings acquire high dielectric properties with very low partial discharge level. The entire process from dosing until polymerization is controlled by a computer.

Cargo handling and transport operations. Storage

Погрузочно-разгрузочные и транспортные операции, хранениеThe transformers are equipped with devices for safe cargo handling and transport operations. Lifting by means of slings is made using 4 holes (the transformer without the casing) and 2 lifting lugs (the transformer in the casing). The angle between the slings must not exceed 60°.

When lifting by means of a forklift truck you should first check the carrying capacity of this forklift truck. If the load capacity is sufficient, the fork of the forklift truck is inserted into the U-shaped shapes of support frame after prior removal of the rollers.

Towing the transformer in the casing or without the casing is carried out using the support frame. For this purpose on each side of the support frame openings are provided. Towing can be done in two ways: along the axis of the support frame and perpendicular to this axis.

Installation of the rollers is carried out at lifting by means of slings or at lifting by means of a forklift truck. In order to do this it is necessary to move down the transformer on the beams set across the support frame. The height of the beams must exceed the height of the rollers. After this the bidirectional rollers are set to the required position.

During storage the transformer must be protected against contact with water and dust. The transformer can be stored at temperatures down to -25 ° C


The room for the transformer installation should be dry, clean and protected from the possibility of flooding. The room must be ventilated enough to dissipate heat generated by the transformer.

In case of heavy dust of the transformer you should clean it with a vacuum cleaner or by blowing with compressed air or nitrogen, and thoroughly clean the insulators using paper towels.


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