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Quality of work and services

The Proekteleсtroteсhnika products are certified and meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ГОСТ Р (GOST R), international standards (IEC) and European norms (EN).

The transformers were tested for seismic resistance and shock resistance in the laboratory of The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation which is accredited at The Military Register. The transformers were tested for seismic impact with intensity of 9 points according to MSK-64 scale.

Quality of our products is confirmed by the Certificate of Type Approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and by the License of Rostekhnadzor to design and manufacture products for the nuclear installations of nuclear power plants.

Our specialists having high qualifications consult clients in detail and help them make their choice.

We guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the equipment which you have purchased, in the next three years.

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