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About us

The plant for production of transformers Proekteleсtroteсhnika was founded in 2010 and is a part of the Russian Corporation Proekt -Teсhnika.

The plant Proekteleсtroteсhnika manufactures dry transformers with cast insulation of ТЛС (TLS) series of rated capacity from 10 to 6,300 kVA of voltage classes up to 35 kV. We manufacture products on modern automated equipment made of high-quality components of European and domestic production. All products undergo acceptance tests and standard tests in the plant testing laboratory, which is unique in its composition.

Highly qualified specialists of the plant "Proekteleсtroteсhnika" are always ready to provide customers with professional consultations and to help in choosing products.

The transformer plantProekteleсtroteсhnika is a Russian manufacturer of dry three-phase transformers.

We carry out manufacturing and delivery of transformers with insulation made of cast resin with natural cooling.

We have all the necessary equipment including machinery equipment for manufacturing high-quality transformers of ТЛС (TLS) series.

We have the testing laboratory unique in its composition.

Acceptance tests

  • Measurement of windings resistance
  • Measurement of transformation ratio
  • Measurement and control of groups of windings connection
  • Measurement of short-circuit voltage
  • Measurement of losses when a load
  • Measurement of losses when idle current
  • Test of dielectric strength of insulation
  • Test with induced voltage
  • Measurement of partial discharges

Standard tests

  • Test for resistance to a lightning impulse voltage
  • Test for heating
  • Test for short-circuit
  • Noise level measurement

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